Anna Morella

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I’m Anna (the photographer); I live here in Greenville with my husband Jake and our four spoiled kitty cats. I’m originally from Columbia, but I fell in love with the upstate while I was in college at Clemson. Since graduating with degrees in Mathematics and Secondary Education I’ve had the opportunity to spend my free time pursuing my twin passions of math tutoring (especially calculus) and photography.

My favorite aspect of photography is the way a picture can, in an instant, completely capture a moment in time and encapsulate it in an image. When you look back at a great photograph it compels you to feel the mood and emotion of when it was taken. I have always loved the way something as simple as an old photo can bring together an entire family to reminisce and remember. Part of the reason I’ve enjoyed taking people’s pictures ever since I was young is the knowledge that, even many years later, those pictures will have to power to invoke great memories about someone’s life. My goal is to have fun, relaxed sessions where we can capture genuine emotion and take great pictures that will last a lifetime.

Jake Morella

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I’m Jake (the assistant). I graduated from Clemson the same year as Anna with a degree in Chemical Engineering. My job as a Senior Process Safety Specialist takes me across the county, but that hasn’t stopped me from moonlighting as a photographer’s assistant. I’m originally from just outside of Portland, Oregon and have always spent a large portion of my free time doing whatever the outdoors has to offer. Hunting, fishing, hiking, climbing, paintball, skeet shooting, if it can be done outside, chances are I’ve at least tried it (and taken pictures of it). Perhaps it should be no surprise that my favorite types of photography are landscape and wildlife. Luckily I love to travel, so it offers plenty of opportunities to capture unique landscapes and vistas. I share Anna’s admiration for powerful images; if I ever have a second career, it will be as a photojournalist.

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